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San Diego, California




We're firing you. My brother takes great delight in his stamp collection. Please make an appointment to come in and discuss this further. There are a few houses around. I think Case's unsophisticated. That was a lot of fun. Johan experienced the whole gamut of emotions from sheer joy to utter despair during his relationship with Clem.

Do you need a break? No admittance beyond this point. A Mr Kimura is calling you. We rented a cabin by a lake. I must confess that I snore. I brought you some coffee. Tollefsen lives in a wealthy neighborhood.

I had to work on an essay. Don't leave the doors open. The man robbed Susan of all her money. She looks down on me for not having a sense of humor. We're waiting to talk to them. Bud works at a restaurant on Park Street. Love is the answer to everything.

He was told to stand up, and he did so slowly. Danny stayed there for a moment. Donald would help you if you asked him to. I was just trying to be a friend. There's someone here who wants to see you.

Miniskirts will soon come back. Do you want me to take your place? Do you think you know me? Do you remember how to do this? She looked around. I have a ton of food in my pantry. If it doesn't rain soon, our garden is going to dry up. I'll bring them home.

I got nervous. Do you believe in evolution? They're predicting rain. Tandy never took his eyes off Pierce. That hasn't been decided. I guess there's no turning back now. We shouldn't have let you go. She poked her nose into her sister's business. Sundaresan could've been hurt. And what, do I give off the impression that I am unable to take care of myself?

She was brought up by him. I'll be in town. How do you know that Eddie has never been to Boston? Greg is an honor roll student. I can get it. Hurray! I have found it! Does my card work here? When the scum stops appearing pour the syrup back into a clean bottle and keep it in the fridge. America once favored a policy of isolationism. I'm ever so sorry!

Sarah is in constant pain. I just need some information. I appreciate your graciousness and efforts on my behalf. Milk boils at a higher temperature than water.

We wanted to explain the recent service failure. Don't ask her out, demand her out! Robin told me you need help. Sanjib and Margot left through different doors. My vacation was terrible. Can't you do that on your own? Where have you been living? He has lots of new ideas.

He has plans. Fortunately we are no longer young. Who gave you my number?

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Please send your sales reps to this new account. They forced me out.

I hear he is looking for work. "If you don't get in our way any more, I could see my way to letting bygones be bygones." "That's remarkably generous ..." No one has to help. And no one helps.